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Artist for this picture is, Larry Elmore, Title

Artist for this picture is Rowena Morrill, Scanned by the player.

Cordell and Mistress Ramsay, The final farewell, the final dance. Farewell my husband, my friend, my love...Still you remain within my heart, as gentle and tender as you always were to me. Always will you hold a very tender and gentle place within my heart. Never forgotten.

Name:Cordell Ramsay
Eye color:Dark Brown
Outward attitude: Friendly, compassionate, playful, very gentle
Inward Nature: Friendly, compassionate, playful, very gentle
Weapons: Sword, dagger
Creatures: baby dragons, Sparkitus (m), and Embyr (f)
Special Notes:Cordell was born in the land of Belamy, in the kingdom of Barthom, formerly Rodan. In his homeland, one is either a magic user, a psychic, or neither, with magic users easily being the most powerful. Cordell was teleported to the Realm of Fantasy by Kyoya Izayo, who was fascinated by Cordell's unusually strong aura of fate. Kyoya then gave Cordell the ability to travel from Fantasy to home and back again, creating a pathway between the two realms

Cordell Ramsay became my husband for a short time. We had 3 beautiful children, The twins Palladin and Pallaton Ramsay, Twins of the Prophechy. As well as Jerihan Serikith Ramsay, living. We travelled together for many months trying to save my homeland. Cordell was killed in an accident and The future brought him back to me for a few months more. We married while away and our wedding night, concieved Jerihan. The next day, Vincent Durham pulled the plug that let Cordell live. Cordell died in my arms that day. My tears of grief driving me from the future back to my home in Fantasy. I will never forget the man who shyly learned to make me smile and laugh. I miss him but as time passes, I know it happened for a reason. I will always love you Cordell....May the guardians watch over you and May Osiris bless you

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