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Name:Salitar Dimonte
Eye color:
Birthplace:Salitar was born around 5500 years ago, on the planet of Arch Wind
Outward attitude:
Inward Nature:
Special Notes:

Found in a basket floating down a river, Salitar has long since been wondered about.

He discovered his magical powers at the age of ten, and grew strong.

When he was about 18, he was bestowed with the gift of immortality.

At that time he went on a quest and was summoned to the world of Fantasy by 'The High One.'

Because of the differences in time, Salitar was thrust through time 5400 years, and along his quest he landed on different planets doing different sub-quests also.

Upon reaching Fantasy, he was greeted by many people, too numerous to mention, but one man stood out in front of the rest- A boy named Cajetan.

It seemed Cajetan had a certain aroma of power circling him, but it seemed at that time he was not fully trained. Salitar educated him briefly, but they drifted over the months.

Around the time that he had met Cajetan he met a powerful mage by the name of Merloch. Merloch too, seemed to have a power circling him, much greater than Cajetan's.

They grew to be friends, and through Merloch, Salitar met Fomhoire. Fomhoire was the brother of Merloch, and they seemed to be great friends as well.

During the time from when he met Cajetan to the time he met his brothers, he met a strange woman, DarkMistress. He has yet to discover her intentions.

Life was dull until Salitar's brothers, Olandu and Beowulf, came to Earth. At first, they came to be part of a group known as the Trinity, but later,

it was discovered that they had evil intentions. Salitar was forced to kill them both in a fit of rage.

Breaking the news of his adoptive father's death to Salitar's nephew Olan would be hard. Olan has rarely been seen wandering Fantasy anymore.

Nowadays, Salitar hangs out wherever there are people, and rarely participates in battles anymore.

Through the hardships and troubled times, Salitar has had to live an endless life, a bottomless void of eternal life... he thinks it is a curse, but often enough he loves the gift of youth.

Use your youth wisely- while you still can.

-Salitar Dimonte, himself.

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