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Artist, Louis Royo. Title "Diagonal of Dreams"Luis Royo's page

Angel Of Mercy and her husband Vermillion Gabriel Draven

"Used with Permission by Artist" Christina L. Frazer Title "Mestoph and Pirotess"

Angel Of Mercy and her husband Vermillion Gabriel Draven

"Commissioned piece please don't steal it is mine" Elizabeth Alba, Demonic Fyr Title "A Tender moment, Vermillion and Mercy"

Race:Seraphim Angel
Sex: Female
Eyes: Silver/Gray
Hair: Silver
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 pounds
Age: Unknown
Appearance: Silver Angel, hidden beneath her silver hair: She wears no clothes and wears only a Silver Crucifix, Silver Ankh with a small red ruby (gift from Gideon Faust) and her wedding band
Outward Attitude: Very happy and playful, sharp tongue when made mad, the mischief maker of the twins.
Inward Attitude: A very loving and kind spirit if you can get to know her.
Weapons: Halo
Abilities: Telepathy, Telekinisis, Holy powers
Spells: Only healing spells
Creatures/Familiars/Pets: Does Vermillion count? :giggles:
Special Notes:Please see my Page. This character is officially retired. October 28, 2001.
Collisions In Time, Mercy and Vermillions Page

Vermillion and Mercys Poetry

Copyright Anna Marie Hoyer, All Rights Reserved. All Artwork found within the pages is copyright the original artist. All Poetry within the pages copyright the orignal writer, All character biographys copyright the player of the character and used here with their permission. All titles done by Vermillion Draven and Gem Bluestone. Page layouts created and made by Anna Marie Hoyer. This page is a Non Profit, For entertainment only page. Do NOT take from my page unless you have prior written consent from the artists.

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