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Picture used with permission by From the series, "RG Veda"

Name:Carissa Mylan Faust
Race:Leige Elf
Weight:100 pounds
Hair:Midnight Black to the ground, beaded to keep it from dragging the ground
Eye color:Gold
Appearance:White dress black sash, with many pouches. Arm bands adorned with rubies. Black soft leather boots. Most times she wears travelling clothing as she is a wanderer, Brown trousers, green tunic hair tied up with a band and beads.
Birthplace:Lerian woods
Outward attitude:untrusting, sly, quiet
Inward Nature:Has never been cared for therefore wonders what love and feelings really are
Weapons:Bow and Arrows, Ruby hilted onyx dagger
Abilities:Empathy, Telekinisis, Telepathy, Mastery in theivery
Spells:too many to list at this time
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:Gideon Faust if he counts :snickers:
Special Notes:Carissa has finally married the man of her dreams. One that can touch her without her getting ill, one that loves her for what she is. Gideon Faust is her mate now for life. She would look at no other the way her golden innocent eyes look upon him.
On 8-20-2001 Carissa posioned herself after finding love letters to another woman. She now rests eternally.

Carissa's Page

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