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Scanned by the player, Artist Mike Pinkney.

Race:Gold Dragon
Age:647 years(Dragon)
Height:as Dragon- 67 meters long, human- 5' 11"
Weight:about 13 metric tonnes
Hair:when in human form, dirty blonde and long
Eye color:gold or ice blue but varies with mood
Appearance:as Dragon- 67 meters long with wingspan of 154 metres. human- 5' 11" 170 pounds slim build
Occupation:healer and mage
Birthplace:Dragon Realms
Outward attitude: quiet and introspective
Inward Nature:quiet and introspective
Weapons:human form; Katana, three silver daggers and one gold and silver dagger
Abilities:fire breath and magick
Spells:to many to list, o'er 3000
Special Notes:Deceased December 2000
special magickal attack is an energy blast. this be a explosion of pure energy tha can come from without or within the target depending upon the prep

Copyright Anna Marie Hoyer, All Rights Reserved. All Artwork found within the pages is copyright the original artist. All Poetry within the pages copyright the orignal writer, All character biographys copyright the player of the character and used here with their permission. All titles done by Vermillion Draven and Gem Bluestone. Page layouts created and made by Anna Marie Hoyer. This page is a Non Profit, For entertainment only page. Do NOT take from my page unless you have prior written consent from the artists.

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