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Artist for this picture is Dryta D'Ken

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Fomhoire, God of the Underworld

Fomhoire the god of the underworld was born nearly 60,000 years ago, to his father, Membatewe (demonic for "the light in the darkness) and mother, Hembaketa (demonic for "the protector") his 3 other siblings all older than he was, named Damien, Cloie, and Ambrasiea, his 2 brothers and sister, all older than him by a few years, at a young age Fomhoire was a strong willed kind person, born of distinct powers and race, at the young age of 21 the demon wars erupted, him and his father and siblings went out to battle, his brother, Damien was assassinated by none other than Satan himself, (the one who started the wars) his sister died by her own hands in remorse of her husbands death, and his other brother died by an unfortunate battle in which he was ambushed, Fomhoire was the sole survivor of his siblings although he still carries the emotional scars that the wars proved to give him, after the wars his father and mother were expecting when at first they thought Satan was dead only to find he had been masquerading as Fomhoire fathers adviser, Satan assassinated his father and mother who was carrying a child at the time, and took the throne of the underworld and almost killed fomhoire himself if it were not for the fortunate coming along of a man named lycia the black who took him in as his own, through out time fomhoire learned more of his powers and found that Satan was ruling his rightful home with an iron fist, he decided against this and went to persue this demon with an upmost hatred he eventually found him and utterly destroyed him, and took his home back restoring it to its natural beauty, which is not fire and brimstone, but snowy skies beautiful mountains and many many other things that some would consider paradise, he ruled his land with a love for it, at the age of 30,000 he left his home on a quest to have his family name heard well, he left his home to the illustrious realm of fantasy and met

DarkMistress, Merloch, and his future wife Viperess, whom he loved very much and still does even after she had died, his adopted mother DarkMistress cares for him in the highest of ways as he is happy to call her "mum" as he says, he has created portals in the realms of fantasy to his own home allowing any who wish to enter to do so as they please, he is now considered one of the best fighters, and one of the highest respected members of fantasy, he takes this with and occasional modesty and also the occasional arrogance that is to be expected, he protects his adopted family with an iron fist swearing that if anyone try to do any harm he will kill them himself, for he does not want the same thing to happen to this family that happened to his birth family, he likes all that does not show any means of harming him or his family, yet he still conceals a silent hatred for those that mess with him or his family,

Stats: he is 6'7" with long black hair, and wears leathers, (tight leather pants and shirt with a leather trench coat and an onyx blade)he carries his one weakness with him at all times, yet not many know it, and those who do usually don't have the power to kill him, except for a few, who he chooses to leave their names unknown...

Thank you Fomhoire, beloved son, for your kind remarks of me. I love you like my own son, your loyalty to me is much appreciated. :bows head: I am most humbled by your sweet words of me and our family. Mum DarkMistress

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