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Used with permission by Anime Art.comFrom the Series "RG Veda" Artist, "Clamp"

Guardian Angel's Poetry

Name: Gait Redleaf / Guardian Angel, Traveller

Age: older than God

Race: Angel (Fallen)

Alignment: Neutral (extremely chaotic)

Appearance: 6'6" dark brown hair, deep blue eyes, jet black wings (

wingspan 11 and a half feet) sprout from his shoulder blades. He wears

knee high black leather boot that always have a knife or four tucked in

them, and a dark green pair of large baggy pants with a plain white or

black sleeveless tunic

Weaponry: a crossbladed heavy mace and a Norse style shortsword are his

primary he has several knives and daggers and two Katars

History: Gait was one of the First Legion of Heaven. He has always

been a wild creature and his behavior was often looked on as near

blasphemy. When Iehovah was appointed Leader and Guardian of Heaven

(God) Gait supported and was loyal to him for a long long time. He

fought in many wars to preserve Iehovah's seat and was often entrusted

with the most difficult of tasks ( one such was the gatekeeper of the

Garden of Temptation - the only direct gate between Heaven and Hell).

That is until Iehovah let an innocent girl child die. Gait and

Iehovah argued violently for several days until Gait, with two simple

words "fuck you" turned his back and walked out of Heaven. Settling

down to Earth Gait wandered for about 20 years adventuring, exploring

and occasionally helping those he deemed needed it. His path crossed

with many heroes and adventurers. Gait Traveled with Parion

Galladried, the famed mage-thief, until Parions death by the Demon

Horde. He met up with Obsidian Gargoyle and even helped him find and

rescue Stephanie Del Cecil whom he traveled with for about 3 years.

Falling in love with a human mercenary was his fatal mistake. He

traveled and fought with her until she suddenly turned and killed him

by stabbing him in the back.

Upon his death he asked Kamponane the current Angel of Death for his

job. Kamponane gave it and Gait prevailed at it until Iehovah found out

and kicked him from the plane of Purgatory. Having his life back

Gait's once white wings were changed and are now of the deepest black.

He had traveled for a few more years when he met the deity mother

Nature. He is now a loyal servant and continues to explore the world.


Copyright Anna Marie Hoyer, All Rights Reserved. All Artwork found within the pages is copyright the original artist. All Poetry within the pages copyright the orignal writer, All character biographys copyright the player of the character and used here with their permission. All titles done by Vermillion Draven and Gem Bluestone. Page layouts created and made by Anna Marie Hoyer. This page is a Non Profit, For entertainment only page. Do NOT take from my page unless you have prior written consent from the artists.

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