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Jade Arnathal

Title: The Pharoah
Sex: Male
Race: Human hybrid
Age: 19
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 184 lbs
Hair: Long and blonde
Eye color:Jade green
Appearance: Jade stands tall, with bronze skin from many years in the sun, his jade green eyes contrast his face and give him a sense of regality. Often adorned in a white tunic, he can sometimes be found wearing only black silk pants, or gold leafed clothes with a golden crown
Occupation: Pharoah of Alexandria
Birthplace: Alexandria
Outward attitude: Calm, assured, confident, formal
Inward Nature: Caring, loyal, religious, strong
Weapons: Jade Dagger, Jade Battlesword, Crook and Flail
Abilities: Battle Cry, Advanced Acrobatics, Alexandrian Technology
Spells: Magic of The Pharoah
Creatures/Pets/Familiars: Jasper, a grey wolf
Special Notes: Jade was the first born child of The Dark Mistress, born approximately 30 odd years ago, he died when he was 19, defending his home from treason. He was an energetic lad, of extreme loyalty, placing his homeland before anything else. He has met many of his Gods and Goddess personally, and he was recently brought from the land of the dead by a young child named Corbin Ramsay. He now does his best to fit into a land, which is completely foreign to him...

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