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Cause of Death: Jerihan was 19, lived single all his life, and died with no children
of his own. The reason for the untimely death was suicide.

Jerihan Ramsay in the abandoned woods with his familiar, Raeviin.

Name: Jerihan Ramsay

Nickname: Jeri

Age: 14

Homeworld: (Birthplace) DarkMistress' Moonlit Castle

Eyes: dark brown.

Race: Human.

Distinctive Features: none

Physical Appearence: 5'6", brown hair, dark brown eyes.

Occupation: none

Hobbies: none

Personality: Very shy, keeps to himself. Doesn't like crowds and is not seen around much.

Skills, Natural Abilities: none

Immunities: none

Weapons: none

Personal Quote: Oh hush Raeviin, We are not lost!

Family Relatives:
Mother: DarkMistress Xternal
Father: Cordell Ramsay (deceased)
(Father's Side) Grandmother: Rael Ramsay (deceased)
(Father's Side) Grandfather: Jordan Ramsay
(Mother's Side) Grandmother: Lady Mirrim Kenador (deceased)
(Mother's Side) Grandfather: Lord Jerrid (deceased)
Brother: Pallaton Ramsay (deceased)
Brother: Palladin Ramsay (deceased)
Uncle: Kantrel Ramsay (deceased)
Uncle: Jorael Ramsay
Uncle: Jarred Ramsay
Aunt: Kyla Ramsay

History of Jerihan Ramsay: Jerihan was born in the main room of the Moonlit Castle. He was then given faegrowth to be 7, There were still some complications and he was given another drop to be 14.

He would sometimes pop up to see his mother. He has never seen his father, Cordell and when he left, He travelled and met with a cat who became his familiar named Raeviin. He became shy towards other people and mostly lived in the abandoned woods where he hopes to never come in contact with another person, He despises crowds and meets with his mother when she is alone....

Jerihan has no idea how much he is hurting his mother when she nevers sees him but he believes she has too many children to take care of and thinks it will be easier on her if he is not around. He also believes he will be overlooked. He spends his days in the abandoned woods where he lives.

"As long as my mother believes I am on the road travelling...
She will have no need to look for me..."

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