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Cause of Death: Josiah lived with this 'girlfriend' and eventually married her. They had one more half demonic child and through another divine interference that made him human (Taelyr and the second demonic child was made human as well..), they had 2 more full human children. Josiah never went back to Belamy even though they knew of him and his last name. He was treated horribly and wished nothing to do with it (Not even to take care of Castle Ramsay during those hard times). He died at 58 in his sleep. Near the end, he was afraid he would be sent to hell or be temporarily punished by Shadin, a god that he challenged in his youth, but the act was excused as foolishness (I suppose Shadin was highly entertained that day).

Name: Josiah Ramsay
Nicknames: Josiah, Jos
Sex: Male
Race: Half Human/Half Demon (But because of interference, Chances are he may be fully human at times.)
Age: He has lived about a year or two, but because of his demon side, He's well around over 18.
Height: 7'3" (Or 5'4" if he is full human.)
Hair: brown hair
Eye color: brown eyes
Appearance: His height could be overwhelming for many when he's human and the people don't know that he is a demon. But when they know, Boy are they running for their lives.
Occupation: none yet.
Birthplace: In the Vast Night Kingdom.
Inward Nature: He's loyal and honest and tries to change the world by getting them to open their minds and learn more new things instead of being so damned close-minded.
History: Josiah was born out in the woods, his mother being Osila Teranu. Jorael went out to gather his 6 babies, one by one when he realized many mothers were being terrible except Synndi and Aroeni. He reached Osila's home expecting to see this mother hating the baby in some way, At first he saw how country-like her home was and how she had 2 healthy human kids running around and he met Osila. She was very nice and her home was warm and inviting. He saw Josiah in his own crib in his bedroom. Jorael decided Josiah is better here with his mother.

Josiah grew up, meeting his father several times through out his growing. He reached 7'3" and his height prevented many from attacking him. He met a girl and tested the idea of "sex" with her, They had a baby named Taelyr. Even though they are only best friends, Josiah is able to see his son as often as he wishes.

He found out his father was building a temple on the outskirts of Belamy, He decided to help him. They built the temple and his father, Jorael, prayed to the gods to make Josiah fully human. And it happened, Josiah becoming 5'4". He made many attempts to get his demon side back but eventually went to Draegon to get it back.

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