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Name:Lysaer S'Ilessid
Nicknames:Prince of Light, Lord of Light
Eye color:Flawless Blue
Appearance:Tall and strong, Lysaer is athletic and no scar flaws his skin.
Birthplace:Realm of Amroth
Outward attitude:Lysaer is constantly trying to breed peace and harbor good feelings with everyone he passes.
Inward Nature:Distrust ripped through him that began with his mother, a S'Ahelas witch who had married a King and then undone her vows in betrayal.
Special Notes:Lysaer is engaged to Madeline Sheffield. Their violent meeting has turned out to be true love.
Lysaer had been cursed to kill his half-brother. The tenets of royal inheritance led him to endorse that violence with a just cause. But nestled inside his ardent need to protect society, an uneasy consience spun new threads of gnawing uncertainty. Delusion entered in: a magisterial spark of arrogance fueled by outraged duty. Lysaer clung to the vanity of his privileged royal upbringing. Where the coil of self-perception shaped the ideals of principle, obsession flowered, a hot, hazy spiral that corded through the aura like coils cast off a dropped spool. For honor, for the sake of past losses and grief, the man who styled himself Prince of Light, would not break down and cry weakness. He stayed true to his ideals.

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