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Name:Merloch Myst


Occupation: Archmagi


Physical Appearance:5'5 elf, white wings, a kanji on his chest, bronze skin, purplish tint. black hair


Birthplace : Kelnor

Weapons:An Armoury

Magick: no or yes?:Yes Lots

If yes, Abilities:Form Shift, CCA

History: Can't say

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Errr... Unusual interview... *laughs* And as usual, I didn't date the interview... so at the time, His last name was Myst.

GB=Gem Bluestone
MM=Merloch Myst

<----beginning of interview---->
GB - State your name
MM - Merloch.
GB - who is your loved one?
MM - uh....
MM - ;;clams mouth shut;;
GB - Ok... What race are you?
MM - Cretavi.
GB - Can you explain that for those who don't know what that is?
MM - Its a foreign language, means Biological Creation.
GB - Heh...
GB - What are some of your greatest life Achievements?
MM - Killing Gem Bluestone because he didnt tell me why he was asking questions.
GB - *smirks* It's just an interview.. just bear with me here, ok? Next question is what are your peeves?
MM - Homphobes
MM - Newbies.
MM - Close mindedness.
GB - who are your family members?
MM - uh.... -blinks- ALL of them?
GB - No silly, your immediate family.. or the ones you see a lot.
MM - Darkmistress.
MM - should i list all the bros and sis?
GB - up to you.
MM - DarkMistress, DarkLord ;;tho hes not here::
GB - How would you explain your personality?
MM - Unstable.
GB - What are some special moves or spells you have?
MM - Absorbtion.
MM - Atma Armor.
MM - Telekensis.
MM - Telepathy.
GB - Any last words?
MM - Die Sucker -all the notes appear to ignite in grand flames-
GB - What?
MM - -chuckles- nothin.
<----end of interview------>

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