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Cause of Death: Search led a somewhat peaceful life at Scarlytte Castle. He got to know Tarsik and considered him his only and very valuable friend. Search lived a very lonely life clinging onto the fact that if he went back home, he'd fall back into his old ways. Despite being half demon in the early days of his life, He died when he was 43 (Being quite plump, what can you do?) and instead of going to hell like he feared, He went to a nicer place with thanks to the Gods of Belamy.

Name: Search Ramsay
Sex: Male
Race: Human (Or so Kahleth says.)
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 147 lbs
Hair: brown
Eye color: blue
Appearance: Search is usually wearing some garbs, No particular taste to any clothing since when he was a demon, He had no purpose to wear clothes.
Occupation: None
Birthplace: Vast Night Kingdom
Outward attitude: Very friendly, yet cautious
Inward Nature: He's still curious about his past, He doesn't remember anything except important names and faces.
Weapons: A gun.
Abilities: None currently.
Spells: None
Creatures/Pets/Familiars: Possibly Tarsik, but he may be more of a friend than a familiar.
Special Notes: Search's real mother, Thiawra, is gone, Jorael banished her for abusing him. So Search thinks of Synndi as his mother because she's been there for him.

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