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Synndi Ramsay

Cause of Death: Synndi grew depressed as the years passed and her children were out of the house. Despite Jorael's constant attempts to comfort her, Her depression led to her final demise when she climbed a tree and purposely fell. It is unknown where she was sent (Heaven or Hell?) and Jorael has been unable to speak directly with his gods for any type of confirmation on wether or not she is safe with them.

~ To Jorael ~

It was my love that was invisible.
I tried so hard to make it worthwhile,
But I've come to realize that no matter what,
You're always there to make me smile.

Just when you think I would leave you,
In all of the bad situations you were in,
I hoped I was there to make you happy,
I hoped I was there to lift your chin.

I was there when you were changed into a demon,
I was there when you were changed into a tresach,
I stayed with you when you had a harem for yourself,
I had all of these emotions that would not unlock.

Sometimes I asked myself what I did wrong.
Sometimes I asked myself why did I stray?
I even convinced myself that I did not deserve you,
But I love when I'm in your arms at the end of the day.

When I am in bed watching you sleep at night,
I silently thank the one who watches over you and I.
I feel so safe as I begin to sleep next to you,
With the stars, the moon, and my dream in the sky.

I'm sorry and I love you forever, Jorael.

Synndi Ramsay's Life Story

Synndi was born and grew up in a kingdom that was ruled by a dictator with cruel tastes. Her world was turned upside down when Draegon had conquered it and integrated every citizen. She was still a child at the time and was not forced to live a life of being a VNK breeder.

Synndi awoke to find a demon climbing in through her bedroom window and they had a wild night she would never forget. She became pregnant and had her first child whom she named Maxxeurs. Later, she learned there were four other women who reported the same situation.

At a certain time, Jorael was changed back into his human form and he came to the VNK to find these women who had his children. She was sitting in a field with Maxxeurs when Jorael approached her. This is the first time they had ever met each other though it was not love at first sight.

Because of a situation that caused Jorael to be a demon again, They had met up with each other again and had more nights of pleasure. She gave birth to more demon children. Another situation caused Jorael to be changed into a Tresach to where she gave birth to another child. Synndi decided that Jorael and She should go off on a weekend vacation. When they arrived there, They learned of a place where they stood on a large heart and pledged their lives to each other. They were married.

When Jorael had created his harem and disbanded it shortly after, and many other sexual romps, It was natural for Synndi to feel neglected. After long periods of no intimate moments, She started to wander. She had only made love to a few men. But by that time, She had longed to be caught. She became careless to make it easier. She and a stranger were caught in the river kissing. Jorael had felt he could not care for Synndi like he could before but she begged for him to stay with her. That day forth, She had not strayed again.

Very good news came to Jorael from Synndi. She was pregnant. Jorael was truly excited, It was their first true child. Their first true human child. But someone was trying to stop them from having this baby. Her life in danger, Jorael had contacted Gem to bring them to his home safely but shortly after arriving to the Sythian Forrest, There was trouble in the VNK. Emperor Jaethore had returned and chaos was high. Jorael and Synndi was forced to move to the VNK and remain there but Jorael didn't mind. He knew that Synndi would be happy to live in the VNK again wether she refused to admit it or not. And that he knew it would be much safer for her to remain here.

Jorael was terrified to learn that Synndi had disappeared so he travelled off to find her. A stranger had taken Synndi and changed her memories so that her name was Rose Kinfall. But like many stories, It had a happy ending. Jorael and the messenger had found her and got her safely returned and on time, Shortly after, she went into labor and had a boy. Raijel Jordan Ramsay.

Synndi had come to learn of an evil thing that had happened in Jorael's past. When Jorael was a demon, He had murdered a man and castrated his son. The son had grown up and went after Jorael with the same intentions of castrating him and Raijel. Jorael was shot in the groin and is now impotent as well as sentanced to 10 years in prison. 22 months if his records are excellent.

This terrified Synndi. She had to believe her son Raijel was pure of any demonic traces. She fled to Belamy where Jorael and Josiah had built a temple there in hopes of forgiveness from the gods. There, she met Kalevi, a god, who told her that Raijel is pure of any demonic blood.

Feeling safeness in the temple, She had returned again with Jarred, Her brother-in-law, to show him who she had met. There, Kalevi had shown himself to Jarred but also had come with a question to Synndi. He wanted to know if she would object for Raijel being an avatar to Kalevi. She hesitated but said it was "ok". She told the news to Jorael which made him much happier. It gave some explaination to why someone was trying to prevent the birth of Raijel.

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Name: Synndi Ramsay (She got married to Jorael Ramsay! 9/29/99)
Nicknames: Synndi
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5'9"
Hair: long brown hair
Eye color: brown eyes
Appearance: She is just a natural woman that Nature would agree with.
Occupation: N/A
Birthplace: N/A
Inward Nature: She has some uncertainty, She's not real confident in her decisions as she is easily shied away from them if she is told not to. She has a family with Jorael, Her dreams are fulfilled.
History: She was taken into the Vast Night Kingdom not long ago... She was a resident in a kingdom that was ruled by an evil dictator. Draegon had taken the kingdom, Conquered it. Integrated the people from the kingdom into his. Synndi had the heart of a child and Draegon didn't touch her. He didn't make her a wife or impregnate her.

In fact, Her first child is Maxxeurs Ramsay. She also had her second child, Lydia Ramsay. She doesn't want to be one of those women in the Kingdom that have lots of children. She does want to have a family, And she doesn't want to have another man to make her children different. Jorael knows this, and he doesn't really mind..

Synndi was sitting in a patch of field, Jorael taking a walk and seeing her. He approached her, they both didn't recognize each other for a bit. Jorael sat by her, Synndi holding Maxxeurs in her hands. Jorael could tell he had some demonic features... Jorael was worried that Synndi didn't like her son, But Jorael knew that she loved him, She was going on how cute the horns and tail was on Max. Synndi led Jorael to meet a few other women that had his children.

Her close friend, Aroeni, Is also dying. No one knows this except Synndi. But she told this to Jorael when she was crying hysterically in her room. A demon attacked Aroeni and Synndi was just terrified that Aroeni may get worse by this disease. Aroeni inherited it from her mother. Synndi may be the only mother to take care of the 5 Ramsay Children if Aroeni should pass away... Synndi Hallun is the mother of Maxxeurs Ramsay and Lydia Ramsay. She currently takes care of Max and Lydia in the realm where the Vast Night Kingdom sits. Her home is located out in the woods.

Recent News October 1, 1999 - Well, After all that time. Synndi had triplets. They were named Isen, Donovan, and Eric. After her triplets, She also had 7 babies. They are still unnamed to this day. The reason she had more and more was because Jorael was getting powerful.

She also got married to Jorael (9/29/99) and her last name was changed from Hallun to Ramsay.

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