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Name:Trishaela Corretene
Race:Stylaxian Elf
Hair:Raven Black
Eye color:Icey blue
Appearance:That of a healer, she dresses comfortabley to better care for the sickly, when she does dress up she wears her headdress, a gift from an unknown friend she never talks of.
Occupation:Healer of Altreas
Outward attitude:Warm, friendly and generous
Inward Nature:Lonely at times but she chose to be th healer and so accepts her life
Weapons: None
Abilities:Great healing strength and wisdom
Spells:Many, all of healing natures
Special Notes:This character was created with the permission of the creator of the Stylaxian race Talon Darklighter. She is bonded to the nighthawk, her talent is her voice in song, her calling is healing and her life.

Deceased September 2001

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