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Wraith Darkblade

One day as I ventured into the realm of Fantasy, I sat by the lake enjoying the summers breeze. The Black Dragon flew in capturing my attention with his beauty and grace. I watched him shift into his Elven form and again I was stunned for he was handsome by all rights. He approached me and sat next to me by the lake and from behind his back withdrew a beautiful rose and gave to me. I blushed and took the rose smiling at the elf. He introduced himself as Wraith. He then ventured to ask if I would like to ride the dragon. My eyes lit up, as I loved dragons. I smiled and accepted. He then shifted to his black dragon form scooping up in his wing and rocking me as I giggled. He then placed me upon his back, I wrapping my arms around his neck as his massive wings beat and he took flight into the Fantasy skies.

He flew me over the cliffs and the lake, dunking me as I laughed. He was so fun to play with. I had forgotten how to laugh. But he soon reminded me. He flew me over the forests swooping low and his gentle voice pointing out the beauty of the realm. The dragon and his knowledge and his kindness to the young girl I was fascinated me. Venturing alone into the realm but he harmed me not. Instead he offered me his friendship.

As time past many times he flew me over the realm my hair flying free as my spirit. And soon one day he had thrown me into the lake playing. He kissed me so tenderly I shivered with delight. Yet frightened by the feelings. I looked into his eyes feeling so many things for him. He noted the innocence in my eyes and caressed my cheek. He smiled and kissed me again. My innocence showing in the kiss. He told me he had to go and pulled me from the lake drying me off before going. That was the last I saw of Wraith for many years.

20 years had past and the night my soul split and Dark Lord had left I met Wraith again. I was with Khaos hiding from everyone he keeping my sanity in tact. He took me to the Abyss Tower that night. Wraith was waiting there for him. I looked beneath his hood recognizing him instantly. I threw myself in his arms happily. So many years had I not seen my first love. I kissed him raining kisses over his face. He returning each one. Khaos chuckled at the reunion opening the Tower and inviting us in.

We all sat and talked that night. My life with Ki'Andris over. Both listening to me attentively. Wraith took me to his castle that night. He as shy as me took my hand and pulled me close kissing me tenderly. My body fired by his kiss. His kisses soon trailed to my neck and shoulders sending a raging hot fire through me. Wraith picked me up and carried me to his room laying me upon the bed and removing my clothing and his quickly. He lay atop me looking down into my eyes that night then swiftly as desire took us both over from our touches and kisses he took me. He made love to me sweetly.

I lay in his arms falling asleep that night. To awake and find him gone when I awoke. I loved him I knew I did so long ago and that night confirmed it but I remained silent once again.

A few years past and my memory was erased and I was turned back to 18, Wraith came to me, he touched my forehead and pulled the memories of he and I from my soul. He had learned of my divorce being final and my memories taken from me. But refused to let me not remember him. As the memories washed over me I collapsed in his arms exhausted from the rush of emotions and memories flooding over me. He cradled me to him holding me for hours as I slept in his arms.

When I woke he caressed my cheek gently, smiling at me sweetly as I hazily looked up into his eyes my memories of him restored. We laid there for hours talking he explaining to me he had wandered for a time that he had left the realm for all the violence was too much. I told him that I would like to see more of him in the realm and he promised to come and see me. And he kept his word visiting me often, taking me to the now ruins of Fantasy and walking through them with me.

I told him of my marriage to Cordell and his death and the child I carried. He had noted my rather rounded tummy. And he told me he loved me. I stopped and looked at him shocked to hear the words. But finally I confessed to him that I loved him too for so long I had loved him.

Thus he wandered off for a time. I had my son Jerihan and was pregnant again when he returned from his journeys. Yet, he asked for my hand when he returned. I accepted his proposal for marriage happily.

Alas the day came for the wedding and I wandered the realm aimlessly waiting for my love to come for me. He never did. Tears of pain and hurt ran down my cheeks as my disappointment came to be. I went home to find Talon had left and in doing so left Riptide to care for me.

Wraith showed several days later fully expecting me to marry him. I feeling dejected told him it was over but we would remain friends. And so that closed the chapter in Wraiths Journal. We remain friends but no longer lovers.

Copyright Anna Marie Hoyer, All Rights Reserved. All Artwork found within the pages is copyright the original artist. All Poetry within the pages copyright the orignal writer, All character biographys copyright the player of the character and used here with their permission. All titles done by Vermillion Draven and Gem Bluestone. Page layouts created and made by Anna Marie Hoyer. This page is a Non Profit, For entertainment only page. Do NOT take from my page unless you have prior written consent from the artists.

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