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Fantasy Graveyard
Here, We mourn the lost of our loved ones
that have passed away in the realms of Fantasy.
We will never forget our beloved ones.

May they rest in peace.

You will notice that some tombstones are clickable that leads to their profile of the deceased one. They vary since some profiles came from different pages of different webmasters.

NEW! - Now you can submit a profile about your Deceased Character. We are now opening this page to all people instead of just our close friends.

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Since there were too many tombstones that were causing lag, we
have decided to split them up in rows to make the page load faster.

Row 1
Grave Row 1

Lysaer S'Ilessid
Trishaela Correntene
Fantus 'Raziel' Darkhunter
Row 2
Grave Row 2


There is finally a place where you can go post your respects to the dead, wether it be a close friend or someone you met once.

Fantasy Graveyard
You can post your Sorrows now!

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